Pizza & Beer: The 6 Best San Diego Craft Beers to Pair with your Neapolitan Pizza

“And over all these beers drank with pizza, which binds them both together in perfect unity.”

Colossians 3:14 (mostly)

In perfect unity, pizza and beer meld together to produce one of the most universally adored meals. Sure, all beer goes with pizza but what pairing will enhance the subtle flavor nuances? How do you create the ultimate pairing based off your favorite beer? Or your favorite type of pizza? What’s the best beer for a pepperoni pizza? A fresh magherita neapolitan?

The couple makes sense: beer and pizza are both communal victuals that unite friends and strangers. Delightful on their own, but majestic combined, let’s find that flavor-filled nirvana in San Diego.

Original Margherita
Complement the charred crust of a neapolitan margherita and sweet sauce with the light, subtle fruit notes of Mikkeller’s Bloody Show Blood Orange Pilsner.

Balance the slightly spicy, meaty notes with the saturated hop flavor of Modern Times Orderville IPA.

Full of variety, complete the full-circle of flavors from the pepperoni and green peppers with the balanced flavors of AleSmith San Diego Pale Ale.

Accentuate meaty goodness and controversial sweetness (check out last week’s look at the Pineapple Pizza debate here) with the crisp body and light hop flavor of Saint Archer Blonde Ale.

Full of flavor, this pizza deserves a beer that can match the hearty mouthfeel: The Pupil from Societe Brewing Co.

Meld earthy rich flavors from pesto’s pine nuts with a smooth hint of honey from the Amplified Ale Works Treble Tripel Belgian Golden Strong.


What’s your favorite beer and pizza pairing?

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