Coffee & Pizza: How to Create An Authentic Italian Food Pairing

We’re familiar with pairing beer & pizza. But what about coffee & pizza?

Coffee’s flavor notes can be brought out by food flavors, and vice versa; it’s nuances can even enhance the flavors in savory dishes. Here’s two different things to consider when pairing coffee with pizza:


1. The Roast Style of the Coffee

Coffee roast styles range from light to dark, and the roast affects all aspects of a coffee’s flavor. For example, lighter roasts are usually bright and crisp, making them work well with lighter and breakfast-like foods (breakfast pizza, anyone?). A darker roast tends to pair better with richer, indulgent foods like any tomato-based pizza.


2. The Region of the Coffee

Central/South/Latin American coffees usually have a great balance. They’re light to medium in body and have medium to high acidity. What does that mean? Bright and tangy notes. This kind of coffee will pair well with sweet and tangy pizzas, like a fig pizza.

African and Arabian coffees have fruity, spicy flavor and crisp acidity, making an exciting pairing. These coffees go well with savory dishes with rich flavor.

Asian and Pacific coffees are earthy and full-bodied, making the perfect pizza pairing a savory Neapolitan margherita with an extra pinch of salt or a hot soppressata ‘za.


What’s your favorite kind of coffee and pizza?

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