What’s that Pizza Style? Breaking Down the Signature New York Slice

New York didn’t create pizza. But they do have their own delicious version.

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The first United States pizzeria was opened by Italian immigrant Gennaro Lombardi in New York’s Little Italy in 1905. Since it’s birth, New York pizza has become one of the most iconic foods in the city (besides bagels). So what makes New York pizza different from other pizza styles?

New York pies are defined by large, wide slices that can be folded. Most of the time, they’re light on sauce and heavy on cheese and will leave grease stains on clothes for those who aren’t familiar with how to eat it. The crust is crunchy yet still flexible, due to its baking in coal or deck ovens.

Pizza enthusiasts go farther along to say that the minerals in their water is what makes New York pizza stand out from the rest. Chefs nationwide even ship New York water to their own establishments in attempt to achieve the same texture and flavor of the crust.

Considering the profoundness of New York pizza, there is only one way to eat it: folded in half, drained of excess grease, and on the go. Leave your knife and fork at home.

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