Ranch on Pizza: Remarkable or Revolting?

A follow up to the infamous pineapple-on-pizza debate, there are apparently another two kinds of people: those who put ranch on pizza and those that don’t.

Ranch me up, baby: The tangy & mellow flavor of ranch makes everything taste better. It rightfully belongs on pizza.

Don’t you dare: Pizza is already perfect. Dipping pizza in ranch is like putting ketchup on steak.

So… who’s right? Besides looking at taste buds, it depends on where the pizza is from. Fast food pizza? Who cares if you add ranch to it. Dining at the fabulous Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles? Blasphemy, probably.


Fun fact: New York pizza makers are serious about the pizza craft (curious about what makes New York pizza different? Check out our blog post What’s that Pizza Style? Breaking Down the Signature New York Slice). This means that they don’t put ranch on their pizzas and most pizzerias don’t even carry ranch — unless it’s for the tossed salad.


Should you put ranch on pizza? You’re probably okay… unless you’re in New York.

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