Our Team

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The Urbino Pizza team at Wood Fired University in Denver, CO


Pizzaiolo John
John grew up the same way his Italian family did: with daily pasta and meatball dinners. After moving to San Diego for college, John longed for warm, rich comfort food and to re-connect with his heritage. That’s when he decided to take his favorite food the traditional Italian route, creating occasions to celebrate with homemade pizza.


Flavorologist Natasha
Sharing John’s draw to the science behind the perfect dough, Natasha loves the blank slate that Neapolitan-style pizza welcomes. Having spent her childhood summers re-imagining fruits into pies and breads, Natasha’s passion lies in the innovation and freshness of flavors that engage all the senses for a delightful mouthfeel.


John & Natasha have been making pizza together from scratch since 2016.

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